Open Science Commons


With Open Science as a guideline and with the Commons as a management principle, the Open Science Commons (OSC) will bring numerous benefits for the research community, and society at large.

Managing shared resources as a Commons maximises benefits for society. Applying this principle to the Open Science process is expected to improve stewardship from funding agencies in collaboration with stakeholders. It will also create clear and non-discriminatory access rules together with the sense of shared ownership stimulates a higher level of participation, cooperation and social reciprocity.

The implementation of the OSC is expected to:

  • Make the entire research system accessible without discrimination.
  • Promote efficient spending with a streamlined set of backbone capabilities on which domain-specific research infrastructures can build upon.
  • Provide persistent services to the ERA, coordinated procurement and provisioning, and capacity to serve research demand.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the EU economy with new jobs and more resources for research.
  • Accelerate skills and capability development.