Open Science Commons

The Open Science Commons is adopted by the European Council

The Open Science Commons is adopted by the European Council

By Tiziana Ferrari, Technical Director of

On May 28 2015 the Council adopted the Open Science Commons for “open, data-intenstive and networked research”.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Open Science Commons vision, extensively discussed at the recent EGI Conference in Lisbon, was adopted in May by the European Council in the conclusions on “open, data-intensive and networked research”.

The Council has acknowledged the potential of open science and has welcomed the “growing support for
open access to publicly funded research publications and underlying data”.

The Council underlined “the importance of developing EU-wide data communities of researchers, research funding organisations, research performing organisations, companies, SMEs, public sector and other relevant stakeholders” and recognized the importance of initiatives “aiming at sharing and governing advanced digital services, scientific instruments, data, knowledge and expertise that enable researchers to collaborate more effectively, such as the Open Science Commons”!